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Get Your Free Ultimate College Soccer Planner

Success in soccer doesn’t happen by accident…

It All Starts With College Planning

Talent isn’t enough to get you recruited by the college of your dreams.

Sure, you might win the lottery and get identified at a camp. But the truth is, players who have planned their roadmap to college are already on the coaches radar well before the camps kick off.

Your Soccer Dreams Are Too Big To Leave It All To Chance…

The earlier you kick off your college planning, the better your chances of getting into the college of your dreams. If you haven’t started your college planning, then today is the best day to start.

The Competitive Edge College Soccer Planner has been designed to get your journey to college off on the right foot. Whether you’re a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior, it’s never too late to start planning your soccer future.

Here’s Everything You’re Going To Get

Competitive Edge College Soccer Planner

  • Understanding WHY College Planning Matters
  • 20 Top Tips for Making a Wise College Choice
  • The Top 10 Strengths and Experiences Colleges Look for in High School Students
  • Points to Consider and Remember about College Admission
  • Glossary for Terms Used in the College Search Process
  • The Competitive Edge Resource Library
  • Factors to Consider in College Selection
  • Factors to Consider in College Athletics
  • Factors to Consider for Life in College
  • The Competitive Edge Evaluation Tool for Picking Colleges

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Looking for an edge on the competition? This is the most comprehensive database of every college soccer coach in the country, and it's updated regularly to ensure that you have the most accurate information. Not only does our database include contact information, but we also have social media accounts so you can connect with coaches directly.


Our unique platform provides potential recruits with a direct connection to college coaches. Through our One-to-One interviews and Coaches Panels, you can hear directly from coaches across the country on how they recruit players for their programs.


AOS Significant Conversation is a series of interviews with experts on the college experience. These candid conversations will give you insight into the college application process, how to search for scholarships, and how to gain a competitive edge on your competition.


Here we provide an online space for players and parents to connect with others who are on a similar journey. Our community is vibrant and full of individuals eager to grow and learn from one another. You'll have the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations, get advice and support, and gain valuable insights. So come on in and join the conversation! We can't wait to meet you.


"I enjoyed witnessing Coach DeVries mentor and coach both of my high school boys in club and high school soccer. It was amazing to see him use leadership and business techniques to teach and lead both of these teams. He used the DISC personality assessment to adapt his teaching and communication styles to different players and the teams as a whole to improve player skill and leadership."


"Christian is a wonderful coach and leadership coach. He took on working with my son to help him develop his leadership and communication skills. The results were fantastic. In a few weeks, I saw my son become a better communicator with adults and become a leader with his teammates. Working with Christian, you will receive inspiration and activities that allow you to improve continually. Christian is a "Coach" who will believe in you."


"Christian is a dedicated leader in the sports profession. He possesses a thorough understanding of leadership and program development within intercollegiate athletics. He understands college athletics and the dynamics involved in helping student-athletes be successful. Christian's knowledge, experience, and passion for developing people through sport continue to make him a successful leader and coach in the sports industry."


"Coach DeVries is a mentor, leader, and, most of all, a friend of mine. Through his leadership and generosity, I was given the opportunity to grow as an athlete, student, but most of all, into a confident man. I owe a lot to him as a coach, the values he instills in his players and students are changes that last a lifetime."


"Christian stands tall at the crossroads of two important bodies of knowledge - sports and professional coaching. This unique combination makes Christian a tremendous blessing to soccer clubs, schools, and other related institutions. He knows the game. He knows that mastery of the game is about information processing and decision making. He can teach players and coaches to maximize their performance. That's pretty cool."

Ed DeCosta

"Some people who are good at what they do. Some people are passionate about what they do. Every once in awhile, you are fortunate to come across a person who is both passionate about what they do AND are very good at what they do as well. Christian is part of that elite group."

Chris Rollins

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About Complete Player Pathway

Our team of current and former college coaches have over 75 years of experience building championship soccer programs. Complete Player Pathway was built with you in mind. We understand that the only complete pathway to college soccer - and beyond - is through planning, recruiting, development, and identification.

The Complete Player Pathway team is all about helping you get recruited to the college of your dreams. Our programs are based on our many years of experience helping athletes grow, develop, and become the complete player that college soccer coaches want on their team.


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